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Online Radio Stations & Music Broadcasts

NetRadio continuous feeds in countless genres and sub-genres hip hop, rock, and electronica from around the world
Boston Bandwidth live webcasts and video from local music artists
Broadcast America live internet broadcasts
Burn Yer Radio offers rock, acoustic, and roots broadcasts
Groove Radio electronic dance mixes, underground DJs, techno, house, reggae
PlanetRadio new and independent bands from around the world
PleasuredomeRadio house, hip hop, drum & bass
Rhythm Radio rock,pop,dance music from around the world
SpankRadio spacerock, emo, indie
Vampire Radio Internet radio station in alternative gothic music
Weirdsville! acid surf, psychedelic lounge
Women in Music weekly, one-hour radio series of the best music of female artists
Billboard Radio weekly top 100 show
Captal Radio 99.5 featuring Top 40
Bassment Online Radio hip hop and drum & bass mix shows
GoGaGa music outside the mainstream.
Power FM playing a mix of dance and pop music
Rolling Stone Radio music service featuring 12 different music channels progressive music eighties internet broadcast
Virgin Radio classic tracks and today's best music
WAEB 104.1 - Allentown, PA rock and pop
WFLZ 93.3 - Tampa, FL today's hit music
WKSL 107.5 - Memphis, TN hit music
WORX 96.7 - Madison, IN playing hits from the 80s and 90s
WPTE 94.9 - Norfolk, VA new music
WRNR 103.1 - Annapolis, MD progressive rock
WROV 96.3 - Roanoke, VA rock radio
KMTT 103.7 - Seattle, WA adult rock
Y100 100.3 - Philly, PA modern rock hits
KTAO 101.5 - Taos, NM rock, pop, and special programs
KBXX 97.9 - Houston, TX rap and R&B from The Box
KWUR Hip-Hop from Saint Louis
Underground Hip-Hop Radio broadcast hip-hop live in RealAudio
WKPO - 105.9 Janesville, WI hip-hop
KBLX 102.9 - San Francisco playing soft and smooth R&B
KRNB 105.7 - Dallas, TX smooth rhythm and blues
WALR 104.7 - Atlanta, GA R&B music, live chat, entertainment, and more
WHQT 105 - Miami, FL mix of R&B hits and oldies
Solar Radio features soul, funk, and jazz programs

MP3 Sites
MP3 Download
MP3 Grand Central
Top MP3 Music
Free MP3 Downloads
MP3 Hitz
MP3 Cafe
Free MP3's
Music DD
Rap MP3 Search
Free MP3 Resources
MP3 Buddy
Top MTV MP3's
MP3 Mirror

Other Music Sites
ZDNet Music
All Music Guide
Yahoo Music

Song Lyrics sites

Yahoo! Lyrics
Lycos Lyrics
Lyrics SearchEngine
Top20 Lyrics site
Song Lyrics
Hot Lyrics
Music 'N' Lyrics

Unsigned/Indie Bands & Artists

Phil Hodge
Michael Dunn
Brad Wilson
A Touch of Class
Charles Thomas
Joe Arena
Sunfall Festival
Kirsch Drops
Work Of Saws
John Voorhees
Nash the Slash
Apes In Quicksand
Pickle Fist
Liquid Picasso
GrassHopper Takeover
Jennifer Renter

Pop Artists
Rap/R&B Artists
Alter-Rock/Pop Artists

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